By Everett D. Hendricks, M.D.

The charter meeting of the Arizona Urological Society was held at the San Marcos Inn at Chandler, Arizona on October 28, 1972, at a combined meeting of the Phoenix Urologic Society and the  Tucson  Urological Society.

Led  by the venerable Donald B. Lewis,  M.D.,  from Tucson,  the urologists  present  voted  to  found  the  society  for  the  pur­pose of the advancement and dissemination of the  knowledge  of urology and the promotion of personal and professional  relation­ships  among its members.  An organizing committee composed of Drs. Donald B. Lewis,  Wilfred M.  Potter,  Theodore L. Mobley, and  George  W.  Drach  was  formed  by  the  members  present.

The  initial officers  elected  were  Donald  B.  Lewis and Wilfred M. Potter to hold  office  jointly  as  president,  and George w.  Drach  and Theodore  L. Mobley  to hold office  jointly  as  secretary-treasurer.

Since  1972  meetings  have  been  held  regularly  at  varying sites  in   the   state.   A  regular  feature  has  been the  Goodfellow Lecture by a distinguished urologist, honoring Dr. George Good­fellow, pioneer general and urologic surgeon in the territory of Arizona.

The organization has recommended members to serve in ap­propriate capacities as officers and committee members of the Western Section, and of the AUA, representing the Arizona Dis­trict  of  the  Western  Section.

Charter Members of the Arizona Urological Society:

William W. Bohnert
Donald C. Boatwright
William A. Collins
Robert H. Cummings
Benjamin Cruz
Richard L. Decato
Sherwood E. Denton
Stephen s. Dickstein
George w . Drach
Arthur Fishman
Robert A. Flynn
George N. Forker
Doald B. Frazier
Donald M. Gleason
Samuel J. Grabb
Norman J. Helland
Everett D. Hendricks
Clifford J. Hoffman
George H. Jones
Clarence H. Kuhlman
Clyde W. Kurtz
Donald B. Lewis
Theodore L. Mobley
Arthur F. Morrison
William F. Osborn
David A. Parker

Richard D. Pennington
Wilfred M. Potter
Joseph B. Priestly
Robert J. Reilly
William F. Osborn
David A. Parker
Richard D. Pennington
Wilfred M. Potter
Joseph B. Priestly
Robert J. Reilly
Jerome T. Roberge
William J. Rosas
Martin G. Rosenthal
Daniel I. Schildkraut
Gail N. Shultz
Martin L. Shultz
Paul L. Singer
Elliott E. Stearns
Barry L. Stern
Laddie L. Stolfa
Richrd W. Switzer
Joseph R. Szymber
Leslie G. Taylor
Andrew R. Thomas
Richard M. Thompson
Edgar R. Updegraff
John M. Vivian